Our edutainment projects are realized integrating divulgation and innovation. We realize tailor-made themed projects to reach different targets, involving them in scientific and cultural experiences about nature, science, art, design and technology.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality based mobile apps are very attractive tools. These technologies allow participants to be involved in a new narrative and interactive world.

Main projects:

  • Welcome to the Jungle TemporaryLab: The jungle reveals itself in a scientific and emotional journey thanks to the living and 3d recreation of the Rainforest. , Parco Nord Milano & Centro Verde Caravaggio, Sponsor Cariplo, Compo, Plastenic

  • Animals vs Superheroes: when reality overcomes fantasy. An interactive journey in which environment and science meet superheroes. This exhibition has been hosted by Parco Nord Milano and Science Festival in Genova, where obtained a great success becoming one of the three most visited exhibitions, Malpensa Uno Mall in Gallarate. Partner: Wow Spazio fumetto – Museo del Fumetto di Milano, Sponsor: Cariplo and Compo

  • Back to Jurassic: an interactive time travel in which learn more about biodiversity. Parco Nord Milano. Sponsor: Cariplo and Rettiljungle

  • Tropical Experience: interactive exhibition about biodiversity in tropical areas. Parco Nord Milano. Sponsor: Rettiljungle, Tetra Italia, Cariplo.


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