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Museums, Exhibitions and Territorial Marketing

ELV can boast of a team of passionate people who are highly specialized in the field of culOur planning and consulting in the cultural field is aimed at both the business and private sector and the public institution sector. Our vision is that of an economy of culture capable of enhancing heritage as an identity asset, a source of wealth and a tool for growth. For us, culture is a dynamic element in continuous transformation and an investment tool for the growth of communities.


We carry out enhancement projects related to territorial marketing for historical residences such as Castles and Villas, Villages, etc. 


We conceive and develop exhibition concepts for exhibitions and museums, and engage in museology and museotechnical consulting. 


Our skills are highly integrated: from curating, creative direction, tourism study and development and territorial marketing, communication to project management for a totally integrated approach in the field of so-called cultural design.ture, training, creative direction, communication and digital innovation, always looking for new challenges and limits to break down.

Musei e Mostre

Museums & Exhibitions

Marketing Culturale

Cultural Marketing

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