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Croci Bianche


Our goals

  • Anticipate the demands of a dynamic and competitive art market with innovative and cutting-edge services, combined with a strong and solid cultural base.

  • Offering an unrivaled selection of exclusive and original artworks from private artists and collections.

  • Offer an innovative approach to the communication and promotion of art, with the aim of increasing links between the main players in the cultural sector of the creative industry

Graffiti Wall


Requests to pledge a work of art or even an entire collection in order to obtain financing, drawing liquidity from one's artistic heritage without resorting to its definitive sale, are increasingly frequent throughout the world.

This is the financial operation of pawn credit (art lending), currently in vogue in many European countries and on a larger scale in the USA.

On the one hand, in fact, the modern collector is looking for tools to extract and preserve value from his artistic heritage and, on the other hand, the financial market is constantly looking for new and flexible investment tools.

Opere d'arte in mostra

I vantaggi che i clienti possono perseguire mediante un’operazione di art lending sono (almeno) tre:

(1) ottenimento di liquidità per l’acquisto di nuove opere;

(2) ottenimento di liquidità per scopi diversi, quale monetizzazione delle opere d’arte nel proprio portafoglio e investimento in altre operazioni finanziarie (cd. liquidity);

(3) anticipazione (una sorta di finanziamento ponte, c.d. bridge) dei benefici della vendita dell’opera d’arte per il tramite di una casa d’aste, lasciando alla professionalità dell’operatore il compito di individuare il momento di mercato, l’asta e l’attività di marketing migliore possibile per l’offerta di quella specifica opera.




  • We assist our clients in defining and articulating priorities in a challenging art market.

  • We guide clients and serve as liaisons with dealers, artists and auction houses. ​

  • Our art curator will select works tailored to your needs, space and style. Our personalized art consultancy service gives you access to your own expert curator. ​

  • ELV combines independence with years of experience to provide objective advice on all aspects of the acquisition and sale.

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