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Experience design & Creative Direction

In the digital age, integrated communication conceives the brand experience as a holistic discipline:“Experience often surpasses our ability to understand, but it is experience, not what we understand, that influences behavior.”

Involve emotionally the stakeholders, interpreting them needs and hidden desires in order to satisfy them completely. The brand experience must be designed strategically so that it leads coherently towards the brand promise. The union of creativity and strategy allows us to create unique moments with the stakeholder, so that a positive impression able to distinguishyour own brand from that of your competitors. The customer today chooses brands with personality, which offer something more than purely commercial messages.

ELV - Culture of Innovation therefore stages the history, the identity and icorporate values through narrative codes for the valorization of cultural heritage unique to a company.

Through the synthesis of two languages, which are the brands and its products and the artistic-museum technique we finalize the design and modeling of storytelling related to heritage of the Company. Experience where the design of the spaces allows you to multiply functionality andv alue, thus building a communication channel coherent and objective between visitor and company.

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