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Curatorship and Creative Direction for Museums and Exhibitions

We provide our expertise as curators and creative directors to offer a comprehensive consulting service to manage the process of defining exhibition spaces for museums and exhibitions. We follow all the design aspects from the ideational one of spatial conception, to the definition of the exhibition program, to the definition of the didactic and communicative apparatus to the design of the exhibition elements and supports of the works, passing through the aspects of preventive conservation and museotechnics necessary for the proper realization of an exhibition design.


We also integrate experience in the field of museum marketing, which encompasses all those activities that give rise to improvements in the quality of service to offer and to reach the public effectively. Cultural planning strategies, audience development, and digital communication are essential for experience enrichment.

We have different world-exclusive exhibitions to offer to our clients. Some examples:

  • Simply Haring Collection

  • Les Femmes: Modigliani Experience

  • Through the Eyes of Leonardo

  • Italian Metaphysical Experience

  • Michelangelo - The Divine

  • Dante's Inferno

  • Mythos

  • Walt Disney & Warner Bros Sketches

  • Digital Gaming Development

  • The Hohenbuchau Collection

Museums and Exhibitions References

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