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From Cooperative Learning to Blended Learning

Taining 4.0



  • A creative DNA

  • The intention to Innovate themselves

  • The will to digitally communicate in a new way


Companies and institutions need to invest in digital transformation in order not to find themselves in an irrecoverable delay concerning consumer expectations. Digital transformation requires new professionals able to give companies an innovative boost thanks to the most advanced technologies and a new way of conceiving, designing and creating.

To meet these needs, ELV - Culture of Innovation promotes culture as a driver of change, offering innovative training with high potential. The technological component becomes fundamental to represent, narrate and disseminate the heritage of Institutions and Companies. The training courses consist of a series of hybrid and blended learning activities based on learning by doing and cooperative methods.


Ritratto di una studentessa asiatica che sorride alla macchina fotografica nella bibliotec

Professionalizing education

The 4 Pillars


The needs of companies and institutions

Today companies and institutions are looking for increasingly dynamic professionals, experts and promoters of digital transformation. To respond to this need, ELV proposes collaboration between schools, training bodies, companies and institutions. After identifying the possible areas of development, the training and associated project work are structured. The solutions developed by the students will then aim to respond to the real needs of companies and institutions.


Project work development areas

Development or implementation of products and services.

Projects related to internal and external communication.

Construction of ad hoc Gamification experiences.

Design of physical and digital models and prototypes. Visual and experiential exhibitions.


Goals and routes

Reduce the gap between school and the world of work by offering orientation and awareness on new digital professions.

Training in the use of new technologies and associated tools that stimulate children to think critically and creatively, working on concrete and achievable projects.

Propose engaging and empowering teaching.



The role of the companies and institutions involved is crucial so that students can not only receive theoretical and technical training but also put what they have learned into practice, through the conception and prototyping of projects and solutions designed according to specific needs (needs). of the companies involved.

Insegnante e lavagna

Training courses for teachers

We have designed a real time 2D platform for interactive and engaging training for school teachers based on gamification, new teaching methodologies, virtual meetings and the creation of new bibliography.


Innovative methodologies


•Methods of involvement and participation

•Systems of gratification and reward •Culture of trust

•Individual entrepreneurship

•Critical thinking

•Judgements and merits

•Tools and case studies



•Your own study with your own data and awards

•Rewards thanks to gamification



•Short video lessons

•Frontal lessons •



•Library and new bibliography arrived from ELV and the teachers

•Forum with teachers and between teachers


Insights & KPIs

Real-time data of every action carried out by teachers within the platform. This data is very important to understand the behavior of teachers within the platform, how much they interfaced with each other and with ELV, and how much they actually learned and created new bibliography through this training.

Insegnami ad Insegnare Fondazione TIM _ ELV Culture of Innovation.png

Training for corporate or institutional employees

I due Pillars


Some Goals

  • Employee involvement Shared leadership and distributed responsibility promotion of professional autonomy

  • Facilitation of human interactions, redesign of products and services

  • Training in the use of new technologies and associated transparent and innovative communication tools


Some examples

  • Using gamification to trigger employee engagement processes

  • Work on the business mentality

  • Starting from the corporate culture by redesigning products and services through design thinking methodologies


Engaging and interactive training platform (called TIO Game) for human resources, which exploits the potential of digital technologies in 3D in real time with gamification and gaming (e.g. Escape Room)


Creating a simulator of an experience within a virtual environment allows the "learner" to get involved, through gamification. A great advantage given by simulations is that of creating experiences in which you are free to experiment with "learning by doing" and to discover what the winning tactic is even through your own "non-learning" errors.



Function visible only to managers, where it is possible to monitor user actions in real time. Player performance is displayed with statistics to identify areas for improvement.

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