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Corporate Culture

Corporate Museums, Digital Archives, Narrative Paths & Brand Identity

What is meant by Corporate Culture?

We value and exalt ideas, vision and ethics corporate to create plus value essential in order to maintain the competitive businessesA dynamic process that builds over time, accumulating knowledge and experience.

A process of which ELV - Culture of Innovation is made facilitator, working on cultural planning and creative direction in order to represent,narrate,valorise and disclose the company assets.


  • We apply our know-howproviding specialized consultancy on the development and enhancement of two fundamental assets such as the Corporate Museums and digital historical archives, tangible representations ofcorporate memory and heritage.

  • We carefully take care of every aspect related tocontent:  

    1. Corporate Branding: Strategic Narration to make the public aware and involved in behavioral values.

    2. Product Branding: Strategic Narration to enhance and bring out the distinctive elements of products and services.

    3. Employer Branding: the Strategic Narration to create and consolidate belonging and attract new talent.

  • We take care of the visual identity of a brand as a coordinated set of symbols, codes and colors present in all the artefacts that the brand itself uses to build all the materials with which to communicate with the consumer:​

Case history: Annual Report Zambon

To transform data, numbers and annual results in a tool with a high communicative potential, which helps in strengthening the image within the Company and its external perception.

The Annual Report is a document showing business results and ​performances, to analyze and display data, to strengthen corporate identity and its values. An essential publication for companies that need to turn to the outside world, to “speak” through a publication that is not just an accounting report, but an opportunity to tell about themselves. The annual report is a fundamental communication and marketing tool.

More complete and dynamic than a company profile, at the same time more agile and immediate than a financial relationship, it is a strategic component in the communication plan of a Company: thanks to its flexibility, it can effectively solve all communication and transparency necessities. It disseminates on the outside a wide range of information from business performance to broader content such as values fulfilling corporate identity.

Image by Christian Joudrey
Musei e Archivi Corporate

Business Museums and Corporate Archives

Percorsi Narrativi

Narrative Paths

Brand Identity & Contents

Brand Identity & Contents

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