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Marketing culturale


Cultural planning and Territorial marketing

Culture is the basis of development of avillage, a combination of values knowledge which over time fuels and influences people's behavior. 

The culture marketing can give a great help to yoursvalorization and its use. Marketing must be made available to cultural offer searching for the market that can accept or request it. It represents the optimal management of the match between supply and demand, between cultural organisation/enterprise and related product/service/event and recipient of the offer.

Cultural Planning - Territorial Marketing

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Cultural Planning e Territorial Marketing
















In specific, using Cultural Planning expertise, we analyse the starting position of a cultural product, studying the best strategies to create the right conditions to make cultural goods as attractive as possible both for tourists and enterprises.

We articulate our work through strategic planning processes for the public and private sector, whose centre is culture, for effective territorial development and the wellness of the society (Territorial Marketing).

Cultural resources are fundamental for the local development, both in terms of employment and of social and economic externalities, thanks to the essential role of tourism in our Country.


  • We emphasize the supply and the demand within the cultural and touristic field.

  • We design cultural initiatives programs in a coordinated and synergic way for the enhancement of the institution and territory, strengthening its identity as a real brand recognizable and memorable, a peculiar sign bringing all its features. ​

  • We work on calls, also European ones, to strengthen the studied business project.

  • We integrate cultural goods and services programmed to improve the proposal of our services toward the local community and to encourage tourism development.

  • We periodically monitor all the processes and verify the path is the right one leading to the initially set goal and possibly what to improve to make the work easier.

Case History: Castello del Calcione

Tourism  Cultural Goods and Territorial Marketing

Castello Arezzo


Cultural and tourist enhancement of the Calcione Castle of Lucignano on the province of Arezzo.


  • Analysis of the cultural good, the current situation, and the management idea.

  • Analysis of the landscape and cultural, territorial, social, economic trends.

  • Analysis of territorial, cultural, social, economic needs.

  • Sentiment analysis.

  • Analysis of competitors, stakeholders, and social networks to support and against the flows of people and communication.

  • Collection of quantitative and qualitative data

  • SWOT analysis.

  • Feasibility and sustainability study.

  • Business plan and budgeting.

  • Definition of development objectives (chronological and priority placement, feasibility, heteroregulation).

  • Definition of a development program and its actors.

  • Research calls and contributions.

  • Global communication plan (analogue and digital): identity, coordinated image, tone of voice


How to create a webapp that networks three important museums in the Italian museum world and a whole territory that is Lake Como.

How do you enhance the exhibits, the archives, how do you work on target audience development through gamification and gaming together to create totally personalized paths for each visitor in dual languages and attentive to complete accessibility.

How you create aftersales to make the experience continue from home and reasons to come back to redo the experience.

A unique project and first in Italy for complexity, conjunction between the world of curating, creative design direction, programming of knowing exactly what potential has gamification, gaming and the keywords phygital and network. 

Marketing culturale
Luca Marchionni

Marketing culturale

Contemporary places is a project promoted by General Directorate of Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture for the mapping and promotion of the network of contemporary art places in Italy.

The project led to the creation of this online platform, constantly updated, useful for orienting oneself in the knowledge of contemporary artistic panorama throughout the National territory and to support its valorization.

This is the first institutional reconnaissance, carried out by MiC, exclusively dedicated to  of the contemporary in Italy.

The platformContemporary places It has the character of an in-progress field survey that aims to contribute to monitoring the contemporary art scene in Italy. It will be  implemented or modified as the current scenario changes.

At the moment all the realities have been excluded from the survey. with purpose  commercial.

The platform contributes to promotion and valorization of contemporary languages and their protagonists and falls within the scope of action of the General Management.

The Contemporary Places working group remains active as a data observatory and a forum for analyzing the changing context of contemporaneity.

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